Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Try, try again

Since I started this blog to tell about our journey in infertility, I guess I should give everyone an update....Well, last month Kyle and I decided to go back to the doctor after 3 months good old fashion, trying on our own. It was so nice to just take a break and relax from all of the nerves that come with infertility.

I know some of you are not going to agree with what Kyle and I have decided in our journey, but when you ask a specialist "can I get pregnant on my own?" and she says, " there is about a 90% to 95% chance that it will not happen on our own." It hurts but then there is things out there to help us succeed in our journey. (So why not try) I use to be one of whose people who would tell others, just relax, stop trying and you will get pregnant, whatever...I am soooo sorry for ever telling anyone that. Listen up peeps....IT'S NOT THAT EASY!!!!! I promise you that you don't know what it is like until you are walking in my shoes.

So, last month I started using injectible medication called FSH (a medication to help me increase my egg production) I took it for only 7 days, because I was hyper stimulating (making way too many eggs). So we stopped taking the medications and by ultrasound (US) I had 2 mature eggs and about 9 unmature eggs. I then took the "trigger shot", it is the medication that helps me ovulate (since I was diagnosed PCOS I don't ovulate). So we had IUI (intrauterine insemination), waited 2 weeks and was unsuccessful. A BIG FAT NEGATIVE or BFN!!

So last Thursday, I met with Dr. Valdes for my follow-up visit. Kyle was not able to go due to his business being so busy, which is wonderful thing. Dr. Valdes informed me about the hyper stimulation and that she almost had to cancel the procedure.... So, she said the best thing for me because I responded so well to the FSH (the med that helps me increase my production of eggs) and she does not want to be making headlines news with Kyle and Andrea + 8, hehe. She would like a more controlled environment, so she recommended invitro fertilization or IVF. Kyle was on the speaker phone while Dr. Valdes was explaining why she recommend this procedure, but in the end it us our final decision on what we wanted to do IVF.

IVF is a 2 month process. I am excited and really nervous all at the same time. I was also reading and blog stalking on the net about the "Power of Positive Thinking" So, instead of saying if we have kids or get pregnant...I am going to start saying, WHEN we have kids. I am really trying to be more positive, and not dwell on the past and look towards a beautiful and bright future with Kyle and our family. I will keep you posted. For some reason... I just was not ready for the world to know what was going on but I am...well, at least up until this point.

Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers! I truly am blessed that people care so much.