Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Crazy Weekend with Birthday Parties Galore!

This was supposed to be post on Memorial Weekend!

I know, I know...I am not very good at this blog thing... it has taken me forever to give ya'll some new fun pictures. Since Rangerettes I have been slacking in the taking pictures department. The camera went everywhere with me...well I need to start taking it with me more often because it just gets left behind or it is in the bottomless pit...a.k.a. my purse!

Just a little update on life. Kyle and I are doing great with the business, it is starting to take off. With my job at UTMB I have been off week, YEA!!! But I have been working for Sun Surveying helping out Kyle!! On the baby front, we are still taking our break which has been very nice and relaxing!!! Especially after 3 let downs with the IUI!! We haven't decide when to go back to Dr. Valdes, our infertility doctor, but it is nice just enjoying life.

This past weekend was extremely busy for the Sunday's!! Kyle played in a softball tournament on Friday night until 2am, then was on the move at 10am to help setup and cook crawfish for the 30th birthday bash for Will and Danny!!! While Kyle was playing softball, I stayed at home to clean the house, make Red Slush Punch and at Will's request, Black Bean Salsa...which seems to be every ones favorite dip. We were all worried about the rain on Saturday, but by 1:30pm it was HOT and SUNNY!!! Will was so nice because the pool was quite chilly (81 degrees) so he warmed it to 88 degrees for us girls and it was nice and refreshing!! A big THANK YOU to the birthday boy for doing that! We had so much fun with all our friend like we usually do!!! Happy Birthday to the boys again!!

The Birthday Boys Will and Danny

Bri, Josie, and Me

Hot Tub Fun!

Jen, Ashley, Me, and Amy

Chris, Kyle, and Will


On Sunday we head to Sugarland for my Uncle Gregory's birthday party. After the rain passed it was a very nice day. I always like going over there because they have a great pool, and I love hanging out with my family! My niece Lexi went swimming and she was too cute, she just loves the water. My uncle made some yummy hamburgers and my Aunt Gina made one of my favorite dips, 7 layer dip...yummy!!!! So here are some pictures of all the fun!

My Mo-Mo and Uncle Gregory

Me, and Aunt Debbie

Lexi and Trey swimming

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Just wanted to say HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to mommies, new mommies and soon to be mommies! You are all very special people and I cannot wait to hopefully join the club one day! I hope you all had a wonderful day because you deserve it!!

All my love,

Thursday, May 7, 2009

4 years already!

Pictures in honor of our anniversary!

Our Engagement photo

I cannot believe today is our 4 year wedding anniversary! Time really does fly by and it is just going to go by even faster. Kyle and I are going to keep it simple this year, with the new company we are trying to save money...so no gifts. Just a really yummy dinner and being together! Kyle took the day off to hang out with me and I think that is the best gift! Since he started Sun Surveying, he has not had a day off...so need less to say I was SUPER EXCITED!! Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Monday, May 4, 2009

I Finally Did It!

Well, I guess I have jumped on the ban wagon. I joined because I love reading my friends blogs. Some of my friends who are on here, I lived with for 2 years and now I feel very close to them being able to see what is going on with their families!

This is also going to be a way for me to write about what is going on with my crazy roller coaster of a life. I do not know how well I am going to do keeping up with this stuff but I am going to try!