Monday, May 31, 2010

39 Week Picture

Well, I think I am HUGE!!! But I went shopping this weekend and people kept saying, you are so small....WHATEVER is all I can say to that.
I went to the doctor last Wednesday and I was only dilated a "finger tip." Then Dr. Klein informed me I was his "Most Pregnant Patient" and that he was going out of town for the holiday weekend. Thank goodness it is Monday and he is back, just in case I go into labor. If nothing happens tonight or tomorrow, I will see Dr. Klein on Wednesday! I am due in Thursday so we will see what happens. I will keep you updated!

Carson's Nursery!

Carson's room has been completed for about 3 weeks now, so I am sorry for just now posting pictures. His room is call "Jungle Friends" and I hope y'all enjoy the pictures!

Dresser and Hutch - I love it because it lights up!

My art project for his room!

Jungle theme! And the "C" plaque in the center was a gift that my friend Hayley made for me! She sells them if anyone is interested!

Crib and curtains!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

37 week doctors appointment!!!

Well, I went to the doctor yesterday for my 37 week check up, and once again, just like last week Dr. Klein called me a...."GREEN BANANA"....and for those who don't know what that is....well, I am not "ripe", not dilated, nor has Carson started his journey down, so that Kyle and I can meet him. I guess he just likes being close to his Momma! And I thought that I would have made a little progress, because last weekend was our 5th wedding anniversary, and we walk all weekend on the San Antonio Riverwalk and in Fredsrickburg. We had the best time and I got a BEAUTIFUL right handed ring from my sweet and wonderful hubby!!! I also started swimming....and still no progress!!!

So I am hoping next week Carson might show us a little sign that he might want to meet us! I will be saying my prayers for some progress!!! I will keep y'all updated and pictures to come of the nursery and my belly!