Thursday, August 12, 2010

2 months old!!!

Well, I think I am going to start from 2 months old and continue to blog from here. I am sooo impressed that all of you new moms that are able to blog with newborns!!!!

Yesterday Carson turn 2 months old and had to get his shots. He did so good. And yes it was hard to watch and I give children and babies shots at work all the time. Below is the picture of him before the shots, waiting for Dr. Sastry to come see him!

Here is what Carson has been up to!

Weight - 12lbs 4oz - 50th percentile
Height - 23 inches - 40th percentile
FOC - 41cm

*He is still nursing 6-8 a day and does take bottles of breast milk as needed when we are out and about.
*He was just started on prevacid for his reflux, last night was the first night to take the medication and I am still waiting for see if it works for him...(it better because it cost $143 with insurance!!!)
*He eats about 4-5 oz from the bottle and at about 10pm he has a bottle with rice to help with the reflux...and that is helping alot! Whenever he has a bottle we put a little rice in it to thicken the milk!
*He takes a morning nap anytime in between 8 or 9 for usually about 2-3 hours, an afternoon nap for about 2 hours and cat naps off and on in the early evening! Currently he is going to bed in between 8 -11. Sometimes sleeping starting at 8 then wakes up around 11 eats well and sleeps anywhere from 3-6am. If he does wake up he eats on goes right back to sleep.
* He is the swaddle KING!!! The only way he will sleep is swaddled if in his crib. In the swing, he will sleep without it.
* He moved from the bassinet to the crib last week because he kept moving to the end of the bassinet and waking himself up. He is sleeping much better in his crib!! And I feel comfortable with him in the crib because his room is next door to mine!
*Wearing size 2 diapers
* Wearing 0-3 months and 3 month clothes!!
* Is a MORNING BOY! He is in the Best mood in the morning!
* Is finding his voice!! Cooing and caaing.... so happy, and I just want to eat him up!
* Loves bath time!
* Loves playing under his playplace for a 20-40 minutes and does tummy time for about 5 minutes due to spitting up.
* Took a road trip to Corpus Cristi to get visit the place were Majek boats are Daddy could get stuff for his boat! You did really well!!

Happy 2 month Birthday to you!!!!

Your Daddy and I cannot wait to see what you do this month!

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  1. he's getting so big! i need to come and love on him!!!

  2. He is just adorable! Congrats again!!! :)

  3. OMG! Dr. Sastry was MY pediatrician...HAS to be the same one...never heard that name anywhere else (indian lady right?) He is a cutie pie!