Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What's going on????

Well, today I am 39 days and 5 days. At about 5am this morning I woke up needing to peep like always and then when I went to lay back down... I think I had a contraction. Well, then they started to continue, about every 20-30 minutes lasting about 10-20 seconds and then increased to 9-20 minutes and lasting anywhere from 10-30 seconds. This continues until 10:13 this morning. I was getting sick to my stomach and everything. I thought here we go!!! I was a little excited and getting extremely nervous. But everything has stopped, but I still feel sick to my stomach. So that is my progress for the day. I go to Dr. Klein in the morning....I am hoping for some progress....I am sooooo tired of being pregnant, and Kyle and I are just dying to meet Carson.

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